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Whynter's amperage and BTU capacity position it firmly in the heavy duty cooling category (and the heavy category; this appliance weighs 80 pounds). It's a dual hose (intake and exhaust) which, theoretically at least, should reduce the amount of condensate that the appliance collects, since it's supposed to be removed in the exhaust air stream. A similar model (ARC 14SH) also operates in heat pump/heater mode. It's amperage and BTU rating puts it in firmly in the mid power range for these appliances. It should more than hold its own in the average apartment. All of the air conditioners produced an accurate and stable temperature during our tests, but the Honeywell was exceptional, holding the target temperature within one degree or less.

Hose, fully extended: Not noted

Electrical/BTU: 10.8 amps, 14,000 BTU

Best OverallWhynter Dual Hose Portable Air ConditionerCooling area: 500 sq. ft.


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