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Magnus ab Integro S?c'lorum nascitur ordo.

At the same time looking on one Side, she saw a handsome Seat at a very little Distance, to which she went, and obey'd the threefold Advice. As she sat there to rest herself, revolving divers Thoughts, a little Hedge-Sparrow in a Bush, sung, Chear-up, Chear-up; Ah! poor Bird! said she, thou givest me good Counsel; but that is all thou hast to give; and bare Words help little to a hungry Stomach, and I know not where to fill mine, unless I could eat Grass like the Four-footed Beasts.

When false Ideas, our frail Minds persuade,

With mutual Strife, void of Con-ten-ti-on,

Is lost at first in pleasing, dreadful Thought;


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