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sa face shield 8 pack

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One reviewer wrote: 'I have an older sports car with no Bluetooth connection to the radio tuner/CD and thought I would give this a go. Honestly is great. I connect to car via jack socket and its like having a full blown Echo in the car.

With Amazon's Echo Auto you can use your voice to play music, check the news, make hands free calls, set reminders and even check sports scores

The super slim black box gets internet connectivity by connecting to a user's smartphone and the Alexa app, and using its existing data plan.

The device is also designed with eight microphones and far field technology, which means the can hear you over music, air conditioning and road noise.

Tackle INDOOR pollution this summer: This Levoit air. Take your music with you! Five of the best wireless. Stay cool in the summer heat: Eight of the best home fans.

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