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When you take to the skies, however, it's airline policy, not municipal statute, that often comes into play.

On July 3, a man was removed from a Spirit flight at New York's LaGuardia Airport after taking off his mask and refusing to put it back on. Police were summoned to the gate as the man protested his expulsion.

Before takeoff, one of the flight attendants asked the man to stow his tray table. He failed to answer, choosing instead to stare blankly ahead. When asked again and again if he was OK, the passenger failed to reply, failed to stow his tray table or to acknowledge me or any of the flight attendants who took turns trying to elicit a response. We became concerned about his fitness to fly; refusing to respond to crew instructions can result in a passenger being removed from the airplane.

If one passenger can be removed from a flight for refusing to speak, others can be booted for refusing to wear a face covering that may prevent the spread of the most deadly virus since the Spanish flu of 1918 20.


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