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camping table and chairs for 6

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Horatia. [Aside.] Horror and despair!

‘The sad tidings were most gently broken to our dear Mother by Clara. She was therefore mercifully spared the shock of the sudden intelligence.

‘I am sorry to say my visit must be limited to a sojourn with you from Friday, 30th January, to Tuesday, February 3, as the Ajnala work hedges me in behind, and Lahore and Amritsar Confirmations before. May I ask your special prayers, lest this rather overpowering crush of work may not impair strength of mind or tone of spirit, both of which I have a little reason to dread at this season? It is a comfort to know and to be assured that our Faithful Lord will stablish and keep us from evil.” May His peace, and love with faith, be our portion; and then in the storm we may sing our watchword, All well.”—I am, yours, with ever affectionate and grateful regards,

Jehovah hath triumphed, His people are free!”


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