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A First, the minutes of an AGM and/or board meeting need not include a complete transcript of the discussion. However, if there is a motion that was made at the AGM and a discussion followed, there should be some context of the discussion so that owners and/or future owners become aware of what was discussed at the AGM.

A I am assuming that the exterior walls of your condo building are common property. The fact that your daughter in another condo building received approval for her request is immaterial. Each condo corporation is governed by their own rules and bylaws, and what may apply in one may be illegal in another.

Q Should all motions, and the discussion pertaining to those motions, be included in the Annual General Meeting (AGM) minutes? Also, shouldn't the motions that are to be presented under new business at an AGM be quite clear on the AGM agenda? My concern is that only those attending the AGM would be privy to the full context of the motion. All owners, not just those who attend the AGM, have a right to know how theirfunds are being used.

Adding air conditioners falls under individual condos' bylaws

Unfortunately, you may not get the answer you want.


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