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483 more coronavirus cases

483 more coronavirus cases

A transgender woman died while in custody on Rikers Island after she couldn afford 0 bail. According to a report by the city Board of Correction, Polanco was placed in solitary confinement and experienced at least two seizures while in custody. cities. Biden went first. Legitimacy and peaceful transitions Most contested presidential elections have not posed threats to the legitimacy of government. Legitimacy, or the collective acknowledgment that government has a right to rule, is essential to a democracy.USA TODAYhas been rough, but yesterday was Supreme Ruth Bader Ginsburg officiates couple weddingSupreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg declaredBarb Solish and Danny Kazin to be lawfully wedded in a 1 0 decision during a private,outdoor ceremony Sunday. Court spokeswoman Kathy Arberg told The that Ginsburg is a close friend of one of the families and the wedding was held at a private residence. Democratic Governor Kate Brown on Sunday announced a plan to quell the nightly violence while still allowing peaceful protests, saying state police troopers and officers from several surrounding areas will be called in to assist Portland police force. Gov. Less than an hour earlier, Trump said during a press briefing that he was unable to get in touch with the Blakes because "they wanted to have lawyers involved, and I thought that was inappropriate so I didn do that." The White House senior communications adviser Ben Williamson tweeted: "The President was referring to the pastor of Julia Jackson Jacob Blake mother."India captures Chinese camp in disputed Ladakh as violence erupts again between superpowersIndian troops have captured an important Chinese military post after allegedly fighting off an attempt by the People Liberation Army (PLA) to occupy further Indian territory in the disputed border region of Ladakh. On Saturday evening, around 500 Chinese troops had tried to cross into Spanggur, a narrow valley near the village of Chushul and three hours of hand to hand combat ensued. Court records indicated that prosecutors were willing to give him a plea deal if he were to implicate Taylor in his alleged crimes, WDRB reported Monday.The Daily BeastThis Florida School Is What a COVID 19 Fiasco in the Making Looks LikeMIAMI At the end of the first day of classes last week, dozens of teens lined up to board school buses parked outside the entrance of Bartow Senior High, the main secondary school in the central Florida city bearing the same name. Despite being outdoors, and thus perhaps less likely to serve as a launching pad for mass contagion, the large number of students crammed together, some sans face masks, prompted a 12th grader to snap three photos and two short videos of the crowd. The same day, Ashlee Caraway, the senior older sister who graduated from Bartow High last year, posted the photos and tagged an unofficial Facebook page for the school.USA TODAYBiden hits back on Trump attacks: I look like a radical socialist with a soft spot for rioters? /react text >Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden attacked President Donald Trump "law and order" message toward violent protests and asked voters whether they really felt safer with the 180,000 deaths from COVID 19 and a rising homicide rate this year. "Do I look like a radical socialist with a soft spot for rioters?" Biden asked in a 24 minute speech in Pittsburgh. During the Republican National Convention last week, Trump and his supporters repeatedly argued protests and unrest would grow if Biden wins the Nov. "Although I cannot go into the specific details of the investigation, I can tell you that there is no evidence revealed that show that [the] deputy had extremist views or racial views," Orange County Sheriff Don Barnes said. The patch, which images showed the officer wore on his uniform while policing a protest against the killing of George Floyd, referenced the "Three Percenters" and "Oath Keepers," paramilitary organizations that have at times embraced vigilante violence.NBC Newselevates it to angry Doctors say CDC, FDA missteps cross the line into politicsDr. coronavirus response which have damaged their reputations at a time when they are needed the most, according to seven prominent doctors and scientists who spoke to NBC News.

483 more coronavirus cases


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