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Source global Wall Street Journal     time 2020-09-06 23:59:49
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The final year of high school is usually a time of celebrations, goodbyes and lots of dancing, but coronavirus has stopped all that in its tracks.

sheer ignorance in this campaign is embarrassing. You can have hundreds of people gathered in one place with a rising community transmission just because you believe deserve it. person compared petition organisers to toilet paper hoarders: completely selfish and ignorant, just like the behaviour of the people that you were probably laughing at a few months back when they were hoarding toilet paper. important issues at hand, said another.

Last week, the NSW Government announced that school formals and graduation ceremonies would not be going ahead for the rest of term three which is when all of the state Year 12 students will be graduating.

The news of school formals being banned quite disappointing, according to Miss Cox.

was) the one thing we were all kind of looking forward to.


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