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Source global Wall Street Journal     time 2020-09-07 00:02:52
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"When you eventually come to pay your licence by cheque, use creative individual ways to complicate payments further.

The Tories had previously promised to guarantee the benefit in the 2017 manifesto.

"Appeal when they refuse.

The National Pensioners Convention have also been among campaigners protesting against the reimposition of the TV licence fee on the over 75sSilver Voices director Dennis Reed told us in May: "It is callous for the Government to leave this threat hanging over the heads of vulnerable and isolated senior citizens."

"Appeal when they refuse.

The campaign has today unveiled fresh instructions for rebel pensioners over the age of 60 to "gum up" the system in solidarity.

An estimated 3.7million elderly people will now have to shell out 157.50 a year to watch television and listen to BBC radio.


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