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Overall, the Air Multiplier doesn't look like a typical fan, but its performance is about the same. They all move air. If you have kids or pets that can't keep their paws out of moving blades, put the fan out of reach or splurge on a Dyson.

The Dyson comes in two sizes, a 10 inch model (0) and a 12 inch (0), and two color combinations, blue/silver and white/silver. It's available at Bed, Bath Beyond, Best Buy and Target. It has not been on sale yet, although you can get a 20 percent discount if you have a coupon from BB Dyson has patented the bladeless technology, so don't expect any similar products at a lower price, at least until the patent expires.

Online reviews have been mixed. While some praise its sleek design, others compare it to a salon hair dryer or Rosie the robot from "The Jetsons." I expected it to be quieter than a conventional fan, and it is slightly quieter than a small Allaire fan I purchased at Restoration Hardware for . But at higher speeds, the Dyson is not whisper quiet.

If you found yourself shopping for a new fan during last week's early heat wave, you might have seen the Dyson Air Multiplier fan featured in last Sunday's Target circular. I'll bet you did a double take on the price. At 0, you might have thought it must be a portable air conditioner. It's not. It's another "state of the art" appliance from Dyson, the company that also sells high priced vacuums.

The fan works by sucking in air from the base and enhancing its force as it is pushed through an opening around the ring. Like conventional fans, it also has an oscillation button, variable speeds, and a tilt feature.


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