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At first we considered the tones of the Tesco automatic check out, which had the bossiness, but lacked the right degree of menace, so we settled for the BT woman who tells us we have dialled an incorrect number. "I will o bey," he replies, trundling off down the dark corridor of Dunsinane.

We have all had to remember that we must never utter the words "Dr Who" in the theatre. It's an old superstition from the planet Skaro where Dal started out in the business. Apparently, if you say "Dr Who" all sorts of things go wrong fuses blow, sparks fly out of your torso, vaporising guns fail to fire at the crucial moment and you could even melt into a pool of slime.

In rehearsals I confess I forgot a couple of times and said the forbidden words which meant that Dal had to rotate his turret anti clockwise three times and spit on his control panel, to ward off the bad luck. Eventually, we all learned to refer to Dr Who as "the inter galactic series."


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