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Hoarding disorder can cause occupational and social impairment. Even if there's underlying mental illness, IMH notes that "Sometimes, the management of the underlying mental illness also may not help the hoarding behaviour".

It affected my own head. There as one time I was insisting that a bag of shoes wasn't mine and we should throw it out; and then later I realised that, oh my God, mum was right it WAS my shoes in the bag. She had 30 or 40 plastic bags full of them, but that one bag was actually mine. I just get so messed up."

Characteristics of the disorder are:

Singapore as a society, can be quite unsympathetic to hoarders. "Why can't they just throw their stuff away?" we ask. But it's not that simple. We spoke to a young Singaporean, who spent her childhood and teenage years living with a hoarder:

5 Terrible Things You Learn When Living With A Hoarder Mum

Because it's awkward to bring it up, no one wants to help intervene," Anne says, "When we had visitors on the new year many had to stand, or even hang around in the corridor; but they would still be polite and pretend nothing's wrong. But these are family, you would expect them to do something."


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