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Source: Canadian Institute for Health Information/Andrew GriffithThe new data, compiled by Andrew Griffith, a former senior director of the federal Immigration Department, comes from the Canadian Institute for Health Information, which captures billing information directly from hospitals up until the end of March. It doesn't include births in Quebec.

A veteran Richmond councillor, Chak Au, says virtually everyone in his municipality, in which more than half of the population is ethnic Chinese, would be disturbed to learn that 502 non resident births took place in the past year at Richmond Hospital, 48 more than in the previous year.

Copy Link Email Facebook Twitter Reddit Pinterest LinkedIn TumblrArticle contentThe number of women coming to Canada to give birth, which automatically bestows citizenship on the baby, is expanding much faster in British Columbia than the rest of the country.

Richmond Hospital is the centre of the trend, often called "birth tourism." New data released this week shows one out of four births in the past year at the hospital in the Vancouver suburb, which features many illicit "birth hotels" advertising their services in Asia, were to foreign nationals.


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