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Want to live large and impress your friends? Well just keep working and keep paying your bills. It really a lifestyle choice. I learned many years ago that life is short and we all dead for a long time. Work can be enjoyable but many just refuse to face the fact that for most it just work. Your time is your most valuable asset. You will never have more of it than you have at this instant. Find a path to retirement before you get too old and/or your health fails. There is no material thing that compares to spending your time as you please.

Take it from me (and I know, I retired at 50) the only way that anyone can secure a reasonable retirement income is to start planning in your early twenties. It will be even more difficult for young people today as investment returns will be far lower in the future than they were in the eighties and nineties.

I retired at 62, taking less in SS by not waiting. But my kids were lucky they had managed to obtain good educations BEFORE the cuts to educational funding. They did it on their own, scholarships and work while attending college. Some of their kids are going to colleges, but many are working at full time jobs that they have had since high school and are doing well.

Unfortunately, the message has yet to reach many of our nation's employers. It takes the middle aged longer than their younger compatriotsto find a job if they lose one, and, not surprisingly, they are much more likely to be counted among the long term unemployed, credential or no credential.

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