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Aging Americans have a new companion

However, unlike people in their twenties, people in their fifties might not be able to recalibrate. While a small minority say they plan to retire prior to reaching the traditional workforce exist age of 65, most won't make it. The leading reasons for the change of plans: a health crisis, either personally or that of a loved one.

PHOTO: Barb Wald, 66, plays pickleball in Sun City, Arizona, January 5, 2013. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson

The last people with any common sense, were the WWII and they almost all gone. I know all kinds of people that blew all of grama and grampas trust fund, on real estate during the boom. Of course, is how they rationalized buying homes that were 5 times bigger than they needed, in neighborhoods they don deserve to live in, for prices that were inflated to three times what they should have been. Then when it all fell apart, all the rational people got to help bail them out, by getting our card fees raised.


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