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25 incredible finds from Wayfair

25 incredible finds from Wayfair

In a monumental ruling, a federal appeals court denied Michael Flynn motion to dismiss the DOJ case against himA federal US appeals court denied former national security adviser Michael Flynn motion to dismiss the Justice Department case against him. The order is a monumental defeat for Flynn and the Justice Department, whose lawyers have been arguing for the case dismissal for months. Louis couple charged after waving guns appear in courtThe attorney for a white St. Louis couple charged for waving guns during a racial injustice protest outside their home said Monday that they anxious to prove "with absolute certainty" that they did not commit a crime. One week after Mark and Patricia McCloskey spoke on video to the Republican National Convention, they were in court briefly Monday morning and did not enter a plea. Mark McCloskey, 63, came out with AR 15 rifle, according to court records, which said Patricia McCloskey, 61, displayed a semiautomatic handgun.USA TODAYBiden hits back on Trump attacks: I look like a radical socialist with a soft spot for rioters? /react text >Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden attacked President Donald Trump "law and order" message toward violent protests and asked voters whether they really felt safer with the 180,000 deaths from COVID 19 and a rising homicide rate this year. "Do I look like a radical socialist with a soft spot for rioters?" Biden asked in a 24 minute speech in Pittsburgh. During the Republican National Convention last week, Trump and his supporters repeatedly argued protests and unrest would grow if Biden wins the Nov. 3 election and falsely claimed Biden had not condemned violent demonstrators.The WeekWorkers were trying to secure Beirut warehouse just hours before massive explosionWorkers were repairing a facility in Beirut, Lebanon port on the afternoon of Aug. 4, hours before a massive explosion there rocked the area, destroying buildings and killing at least 180 people. A judge had recently ordered something be done to secure Warehouse Number 12 at the request of Lebanon State Security agency. Navy and Taiwan Defence Ministry said on Monday, the second such operation in two weeks amid rising tensions between China and the United States. Navy said the Arleigh Burke class guided missile destroyer USS Halsey conducted a "routine Taiwan Strait transit" on Sunday in accordance with international law. "Although I cannot go into the specific details of the investigation, I can tell you that there is no evidence revealed that show that [the] deputy had extremist views or racial views," Orange County Sheriff Don Barnes said. The patch, which images showed the officer wore on his uniform while policing a protest against the killing of George Floyd, referenced the "Three Percenters" and "Oath Keepers," paramilitary organizations that have at times embraced vigilante violence.USA TODAYhas been rough, but yesterday was Supreme Ruth Bader Ginsburg officiates couple weddingSupreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg declaredBarb Solish and Danny Kazin to be lawfully wedded in a 1 0 decision during a private,outdoor ceremony Sunday. Ginsburg, 87, officiated the couple wedding, according to a tweet from Solish that showed the justice sitting between the couple at a lectern, clad in her judicial robe and signature black and white collar. According to the New York Daily News, Maxwell, who is facing six criminal charges, was allowed to hold a face to face meeting at Sunset Park Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn on Friday morning. Trump on Tuesday will visit Kenosha, the site of protests against police brutality and racism since Jacob Blake, a 29 year old Black man, was shot seven times by police on Aug. 23 and left paralyzed. On the third night of protests, Kyle Rittenhouse, 17, shot three protesters, two fatally, with an assault rifle.USA TODAY75 year old Buffalo man shoved by police speaks out on incident after month in hospitalBut the videos that captured the moment when Buffalo Police officers shoved Gugino backward in front of Buffalo City Hall in June during a protest over the death of George Floyd, causing him to fall and crack his skull on the pavement, had been seen around the world. Gugino, speaking to the USA TODAY Network New York State Team last week in his first extended interview, was reluctant to go into detail about the incident, which sent him to the hospital for a month to recover from a brain injury and a fractured skull. The crash occurred around midnight on a rural stretch of a divided four lane highway, where the officer was assisting a local sheriff deputy in responding to a separate crash on the side of the roadway, when the Tesla ploughed into the cars, totaling both.The WeekAlexandria Ocasio Cortez may have a lot to do with Joe Kennedy primary strugglesRep. Joe Kennedy III (D Mass.) could soon be out of politics, and an unlikely colleague may have something to do with it, Politico reports. Kennedy is challenging Sen. Ed Markey (D Mass.) in the statewide Democratic primary for Markey seat, which he held since 2013. On Saturday evening, around 500 Chinese troops had tried to cross into Spanggur, a narrow valley near the village of Chushul and three hours of hand to hand combat ensued. A senior Indian police source told the Telegraph the attack had been repulsed and a retaliatory special operations battalion seized a Chinese camp in the surrounding hills ofPangong Tso Lake in the early hours of this morning.Coronavirus and seasonal allergies: How to spot the differenceAs kids begin to head back to school, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has provided some guidelines for parents to help them distinguish between seasonal allergies and COVID 19, which have a number of overlapping symptoms.

25 incredible finds from Wayfair


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